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Kolekce: Kolekce puzzle od Jana Ulickiho

Puzzle by Photographer Jan Ulicki

Jan Ulicki - photographer, a man of many talents - showing Poland and its beautiful face in a unique way. In 2019 he was chosen Tourist Journalist of the Year in the photojournalism category for his series of photos with the Tatra Mountains as seen from Krakow, while in 2021 his photo was awarded in the prestigious Drone Photo Awards in Siena, Italy.

In life he follows the principle: It is not enough to look. One must be able to see.

Right now, His photos can be a great decoration for your home - all in the form of photo-puzzles of 1000 and 3000 elements in as many as 8 themes:

  • Hala Gąsienicowa
  • Tatra Mountains from Cracow
  • Tyniec
  • Wawel
  • Springtime Spisz
  • Springtime on Litvinka
  • Grove of Love
  • Niedzica Castle against the background of the Tatra Mountains