About us

Top quality photo puzzle

You probably know how much fun it is to do a puzzle from a photo, but also know how easy it is to spoil it when a product you receive doesn't meet your expectation, for example a low quality one. That is why it is so important to manufacture high quality jigsaw photo puzzle. That is why we take care of both the graphical aspect and the technical side. If needed, we can retouch or brighten a photo or write a text on top or even make a collage. Our graphic designers are here to help you prepare a project. Our custom-made puzzles are printed on a special jigsaw cardboard (and not on an ordinary bookbinding as our competitors do) and in a completely safe and ecological way. We want to mention, that our products are very durable - the printout should last up to several dozen years. Do you want to capture unique moments in an extraordinary way? Create a gift that will bring a lot of joy? Get photo puzzles from puzzle4u!


Good puzzles are never boring

We all like to face different kinds of logical puzzles. Doing puzzles is great fun and mind training for people of all ages, as well as a way to spend time with friends or the closest family. Are you already bored with sets available in stores? Or maybe you want to give someone a special gift? The puzzle from a photo is an excellent idea! They can represent everything that you photographed with a camera - mind that the quality of this photo should be good enough to be printed in a given dimension. Our custom-made puzzles allow not only to provide their users with the satisfaction associated with their arrangement, but also bring the memories of the exceptional moments that you decided to capture this way. Surprise the closest person or a group of friends! Look at their joy of placing each element in an appropriate place. Create a unique photo puzzle with your own photo showing whatever you want! Printable jigsaw puzzles offer you almost unlimited possibilities - be creative.