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Photo puzzle 1000 pieces 47 x 68 cm / 18.5 x 26.7 inches in a bag

Photo puzzle 1000 pieces 47 x 68 cm / 18.5 x 26.7 inches in a bag

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Photo puzzle 1000 pieces in a bag

Dimensions 470 x 680 mm (18.5 x 26.7 inch) 

Unassembled puzzle, put in a string bag + additional thumbnail of the photo + transport packaging

The highest quality of puzzle material.

Special bluish puzzle cardboard.


The project prepared by you is sent directly for printing and is not subject to further verification.
Therefore, if you have any doubts about the effect of the prepared project, please contact us before approving the project for printing.


- When uploading a photo, an icon with a triangle with an exclamation mark may appear to warn you about its quality (photo size):
> an orange triangle means that the photo is low resolution, but acceptable for printing
> a red triangle means that the photo is not suitable for printing, and you should upload others in the correct size
- The photo should come out AFTER the cut lines to the end of the frame edge (blue dotted line) to avoid white stripes on the edge after printing.
Please pay special attention that the edge of the photo is not in front of or in line with the cut line.

- Texts should be at a safe distance from the cutting line (purple dotted line);
- When designing, you can freely change the templates, but only the final design will be saved, i.e. approved for printing;
- By clicking the ORDER tab then the SEE SUMMARY tab will appear (click)
- If everything is correct, click tab CONFIRM FOR PRINT
- After the design is approved, it is no longer possible to edit it, then please contact us!


- Approximate photo size in pixels for a 1000 piece puzzle: 4704 px (width) and 3327 px (height), the photo can be cropped in the wizard. The minimum photo resolution required is 250dpi.
- Photo downloaded from social networks, e.g. Facebook or sent via messeage, e.g. Messenger or WhatsApp, are not suitable for printing (they are compressed / reduced)
- The best photo quality is the one taken with a camera
- A photo taken with a mobile phone camera is acceptable as long as it has the appropriate resolution (photo size)
- The photo should be sharp enough and properly lit
- When uploading only one photo, it should not be square nor panoramic, because the puzzles are rectangular in proportions, in the wizard you can frame the photo at your own discretion
- In the case of poor quality photos, we suggest trying to create a collage from several photos
- We do not recommend uploading a photo with a symmetrical frame (border) or a photo to the wizard which shows symmetry. During printing, we have a tolerance of a photo shift of 2-5mm, which is associated with an asymmetrical print on the puzzle.

With us, you will do the project yourself using the puzzle creator
Thanks to this, your project will be completed faster
  • Use the available filters
  • Add your texts
  • Ability to design puzzles horizontally and vertically
  • Add your texts
  • Possibility to design puzzles horizontally and vertically.
  • View the puzzle grid : Design one of the many proposed collages
  • High print quality ensures the representation of all details included in the photo.
Printouts are completely safe, and the print durability is estimated for many years. CE safety certificate.
Please enter any comments in the form during payment or contact us.
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